evelyn drayton in minister robeWelcome to Evelyn Drayton Ministries.  Evelyn Murray Drayton’s mission is to inspire and help equip you to reach your divine potential. Are you looking for inspiration?  Do you need a speaker to inspire others?  Are you looking for some great inspirational books?  For an authentic and reputable representative for Christian ministry, you have come to the right place. Be sure to stop by the contact page before you leave.  Evelyn would love to hear from you!

Also visit www.brandedliving.com where Dr. Drayton is included in their Speaker’s Bureau.  She encourages people to excel at their work in ministry by revealing opportunities for them to make decisions, exercise judgment, and build on experience, which leads to victorious living in the 21st century.

Her teaching transcends cultural, generational, and denominational boundaries.  She therefore builds upon your perspective and insight to help you reach your destiny.  She helps seek out opportunities for growth and spiritual development that strengthens your walk with the Lord.  She teaches that each of us must walk daily with the Lord and become acquainted with the direction He is leading us.


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