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I Had To Die Exposing Witchcraft In The Church



In these last days, the body of Christ needs to be aware of satanic end-time tactics, including witchcraft. Evelyn believes the body of Christ will experience more of these demonic and fleshly activities in the days ahead. She is excited about sharing her testimony and showing you how the power of God prevails over the works of Satan. She believes in the gift of prophecy and shares with you how God delivered her from a curse of witchcraft sent her way by a church leader whom she respected and a false prophetess. She shares her deliverance experience and how her life was directed through dreams and the prophetic move of God. Evelyn knows that once you read this book, you will have a different perspective of the prophetic gift, as well as demonic operations among church laypersons and church leaders. This is a MUST READ book and you would not want to put it down until you have read the entire book.


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